Programs / Scripts:

EM RPT Viewer – Version 1.1 (Download)


eAddressBook – Version 1.0 (Download)


QuickPawn – Version 2.1 (Download)


Eddy’s Memory Game – Version 1.0 (Download)


eDJPanel – Version 1.2 (Download)


vLogger – Version 1.0 (Download)


FactionPanel – Version 1.1 (Download)


Project Displayer – Version 1.0 (Download)


EasyCalc – Version 1.0 (Download)

For older versions of software please click here!


ArmA 2 Missions:

co19 The Show Must Go On! – Download



Fixes / Other:

_runA2CO-REGNotRecognized – ArmA 2: Combined Operations fix (Download)




16 thoughts on “Downloads

    1. To be honest I can’t help you a lot. I made the old version of eDJPanel (1.2) quite a while ago now and no longer have the NetBeans project folder so it’s quite hard for me to decipher the problem.

      All I can suggest is that you reinstall until I release eDJPanel V2.


    1. Just had a quick look. The default passwords are “changeme” you can change it by replacing the row in the MySQL tables with the md5 encrypted version of whatever password you want to use. Sorry it didn’t explain that properly in the readme.

    1. Hi,

      I still haven’t got round to completing version 2 of eDJPanel yet, as I’m pretty busy – sorry.

      Concerning 1.2, I don’t really support it any more but I think you have to set the password manually in the database at the moment. If that helps?

        1. It depends who you’re hosted with, if your host has “phpMyAdmin” installed you can login to that in order to manually check the database. I can’t really help you much more as I don’t really “support” eDJPanel v1 any longer and am no longer developing that version of the software. Sorry.

  1. Hey, on quickpawn is there anyway to fix an issue with the lines getting moved around when you open then script, I have an OCD of order so 😛 Any reply would be nice.

    1. Hi.

      Thanks for using QuickPawn. I do not believe there is a way to stop the lines getting moved around, I wasn’t aware that happened. It’s been a while since I worked on it. Sorry.

  2. Hello Sir, i have one question and its: please where to learn C# or Java or what ever proggramming language that i may create An good proggramme with like QuikPawn please

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