Project Language Completion Download
 eAddressBook v1.0  Java  100%  Download
 QuickPawn v2.1  Java  100%  Download
 uAdmin: SA-MP v1.0  Java  100%  Download
 EM RPT Viewer v1.1  Java  100%  Download
 eDJPanel v2.0  PHP  20%  Download
 eDJPanel v1.2  PHP  100%  Download
 Eddy’s Memory Game  Python  100%  Download
 vLogger v1.0  PHP  100%  Download
 FactionPanel v1.1  PHP  100%  Download
 Project Displayer v1.0  PHP  100%  Download
 EasyCalc v1.0  Java  100%  Download


Current Version: 1.0 Description: eAddressBook is a lightweight and easy to use address book and contact list which can store contact names, email addresses, phone numbers and postal addresses. Features: Adding new contacts Saving contact lists Opening contact lists Creating new contact lists Searching for contacts, with search results displayed on a different tab from …

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QuickPawn : Function


Current Version: 2.1 Description: QuickPawn is a multi-platform PAWN code editor and compiler. The main use and purpose of QuickPawn is to edit, create and compile PAWN scripts that run on SA-MP servers. Features: Works on Windows, Linux and Mac* Syntax highlighting Tree of functions in current file and includes files Double click on function to …

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uAdmin: SA-MP

  uAdmin: SA-MP Current Version: 1.0 Description: uAdmin: SA-MP is a GTA: San Andreas Multiplayer server administration program, which enables you to issue RCON commands to and retrieve information from a server.   Requirements: Windows, Linux, Mac with JRE 6 or above installed Download Source  Steps: To open the program double click uAdminSA-MP.jar (make sure you …

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  1. Freddie


    I spoke to you earlier on stack overflow. Could i send you a word document with screenshots explaining where i’m going wrong?


    1. Eddy


      Feel free to send me an email:
      That might be easier.


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