Name Language Type Download
 Samp API v1.1  Python  API  Download
 Samp API v1.1.1  Java  API  Download
 Samp API v1.1  PHP  API  Download
 EM Captcha v1.2  PHP  Class  Download


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  1. TD

    Eddy, do you make available the code you generator during your tutorials? It would be great to be able to look these over slowly to better understand them.


    1. Eddy


      Thank you for your suggestion, I need to start making the code from the tutorials available.


  2. Larry Johnson

    I am needing to have our students log into a website (mysql or similar) and look at their records, etc. What is the safest way of doing this. php login videos like you have on the web using php or what would you suggest. I am an MSaccess programmer with vb, but no php except for following your videos.

    You commends are suggestions and I do not hold you liability for your opinions.



    1. Eddy


      Personally my current direction with web programming is concerning Java EE using JSF (JavaServerFaces). I believe this offers much better security and scalability than PHP. However the process of setting up a Java web application is much more involved than PHP and so often isn’t suitable for small web applications. It really comes down to personal preference but if you are going to use PHP make sure you have researched what security vulnerabilities exist and how to protect against them, for example: XSS (Cross-site Scripting), MySQL injection, directory traversal etc..

      I hope that helps!

      – Eddy

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