May 27

University is finished!

Hi all,

Just wanted to post to say that all of my University coursework and exams are now finished and I will be starting my graduate job as a Software Engineer at the end of September.

As I now have more spare time, over the summer I plan to create some more tutorial videos demonstrating some more complex programming techniques and algorithms mainly in Java.


Apr 22

Research: TintVision GitHub repository

Good morning!

As part of the research section of my website, which has been added to throughout my University final year project, I’d like to post the link to the app’s GitHub repository. Feel free to take a look, this may be of use to some developers wanting to gain some inspiration concerning developing apps (or other software) for accessibility purposes.

Feb 25

Research: Dyslexic friendly fonts


Recently as part of my University project Android app, TintVision, I’ve been working on making the app itself accessible to its potential users. I’ve found a free-to-use “dyslexic friendly” font called OpenDyslexic. This font will be used for the user interface of TintVision and may also benefit dyslexic users in their day-to-day computing. It can also be installed on Android phones!

Nov 08

Research: Developing a website or user interface and using colour?


Recently I’ve been reading some articles concerning the use of colour in user interfaces and some design considerations that can be made to making your interface more accessible for colour-blind users.

Two articles which I’ve found quite interesting are:

These might be good reads for anyone who’s in the middle of developing a website or another user interface currently.

Oct 21

Research: Useful software for students with visual impairments and dyslexia

Dolphin provides some great assistive software for students with visual impairments and dyslexia.

Ranging from magnification tools, screen readers as well as a reader with synchronised text highlighting and audio (to help users with reading problems).

They’re definitively a software company worth checking out if you’re interested in getting helpful software.



Oct 20

New Research Category

Good evening,

To accompany my final year project I’ve created a new “Research” category which can be used to jump to all of the research which I feel is interesting or important regarding my project and potentially more after I finish my University course.

Currently this research will focus on accessibility issues for users with either vision or reading problems when using mobile devices. Hence the title of my project: “TintVision: An App to improve use for those with vision impairments and specific learning disabilities” .

Some of the topics I’m looking at in this area include using coloured overlays to help people with dyslexia to read faster, how to avoid confusion between colours for users with colourblindness and also making apps easier to see for users with low vision.

The link to the category view is here:




Oct 02

Coming soon: An Academia tab!

Good morning,

As I’m now in my final year of University and we have some research related work to do, I thought that it might be beneficial to some people who happen to have interests in the areas which I’m going to be doing research in, to publish my work on my website.

Once this work has been finished I’ll be creating a new academia part of the website where you’ll be able to read my research work.


Happy coding,


Aug 23

NetBeans Java Tutorial – If Statement and Variables #5

In this tutorial I show how to use different types of variables in Java as well as how to use a basic if statement.


package tutorials;
 * @author Edward
public class Variables {
    public static void main(String args[]) {
        String myFirstVariable = "hi"; // Declaration and instantiation
        // Camel-case naming convention
        char myChar = 'd';
        int i = 3;
        double myDouble = 1.1;
        float myFloat = 1;
        if ((i * 2) != 2) { // True
        } else { // False

May 22

Canadian Facts version 1.3 released!

Canadian Facts

Version 1.3 of the Canadian Facts Android app has now been released!

There’s not much to see on the front-end but the update consists of a change to way facts are stored on the back-end of the app. This should make updating the app with new facts easier in the future.

Click here to install!

May 16

ecoCart – RESTful Web eCommerce solution released!

I’m pleased to announce that ecoCart a RESTful eCommerce web application which I’ve been working as my University web-script programming unit coursework is available for anyone to download and use here.



Full description:

ecoCart is an “online shopping cart” web application which can be installed
and fully managed, as well as maintained by English-speaking businesses worldwide.
It includes functionality allowing business owner’s customers to browse and search
through products (organised into categories) and make online purchases through
the web application.

The product also allows staff to update company information, the colour scheme
(of the user interface), manage their product catalogue (updating product descriptions, image and whether a product is “featured” or not) and delivery options at any time
as well as supplying staff with customer delivery information, reports on sales and
present them with real-time information concerning their organisation’s product stock levels.

The product further implements exclusive environmentally friendly features, encouraging
their customers to make environmentally friendly choices. Including: placing the
most environmentally friendly delivery options first (at the checkout stage). The application is also
designed to run on low powered and low performance server hardware in order to help
reduce the business’ carbon footprint.

*An important note to anyone intending to use ecoCart for their live business

ecoCart does not currently support any built in authentication for access to admin areas of the application, nor does it support any payment gateways to make payments for products. However anyone is free to continue development of ecoCart to include these features.


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